Stump Grinding

Once you’ve had trees cut down, you need stump grinding to deal with the stump and root system. Stump grinding is a fast and efficient method of stump and root removal. It allows a garden bed to be replanted or an area to be landscaped or grassed over.

Stumps can take years to decay naturally. The stumps are not only unsightly, but have the potential to be trip hazards or damage vehicles depending on their location and how low they are cut to the ground.

Once a tree has been removed, grinding the stump below the surface is recommended.

This will ensure:

Stump grinders use fixed cutter wheels that turn stumps and root systems into woodchips. Our machines have sophisticated hydraulic systems that allow us to cleanly and safely eliminate the stump core.

Stump Grinding Equipment

Boyne Island Property Services offer a full range of equipment to cater for all size jobs which include:-