Tree Lopping

There are many reasons for tree lopping, both practical and aesthetical. Most problems are caused by trees growing too large, or being planted too close to a structure. Trees that are too close to buildings, electrical wires or underground pipes can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

If you need to remove a tree from any site, you can have confidence in Boyne Island Property Services tree lopping services. We have the local experience, training and equipment to make your tree removal fast, safe and simple.

We have the staff, knowledge and equipment to remove trees of any size, in any location, with care. No risks are taken and therefore on sites where space is limited, power lines are in close proximity or a tree is considered unstable for climbing, the use of our EWP spider lift is used.

Tree Lopping Equipment

Boyne Island Property Services offer a full range of equipment to cater for all size jobs which include:-